Will Administrative and Clerical Work Ever Be the Same?

Empty Administrative Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of work forever. Some industries have been hit hard, shut down entirely, or operating on a skeleton crew. Others have seamlessly transitioned to remote, work-from-home positions with virtually no disruption.

Administrative and clerical work is one of the industries that has transitioned mainly without a hitch. Office work, many times, can be done anywhere the worker has access to the business’s core systems. With modern company VPNs, remote network access, and telecommunications, it’s no surprise that admin work can be done from home just as quickly as it can from the office.

The Backbone of Your Company: Administrative & Clerical Workers

Admin workers have been the unsung heroes of thousands of businesses around the world. The modern administrative staff has become much more than the duties they originally started with, like filing papers, handling copying, and answering phones. They’re brand advocates, security and incident response, or sanitization and screening.

They’re indispensable, and yet, all too often underappreciated.

The pandemic has led to a significant shift in the way administrative work is handled. When most of the office staff is working from home, many traditional duties are relaxed or eliminated. When no one is visiting the office, tasks like front-desk security and health screenings are minimized. The administrative staff is given more leeway to have a tangible impact on business instead of handling any busy work that comes their way.

It’s no surprise that many clerical workers find this shift to be hugely positive.

Positive Changes to Administrative Work

In addition to the shift in duties, many changes caused by the pandemic had a positive effect. Now, administrative and clerical workers have:

  • Greater flexibility in time management, task organization, and duties allows for greater productivity and more efficient work.
  • Reduced or eliminated commutes which allow for a better work/life balance and the company’s ability to hire administrative assistants who would otherwise not find the role worthwhile. It even saves employees money on gas or public transportation costs.
  • Fewer office distractions that help many workers to be more efficient and productive.
  • The chance to work from home which, for many, reduces or eliminates the burden of childcare from a primarily female-dominated industry, further saving employees money and allowing greater flexibility in time management.

Many of these changes are so beneficial to the average clerical worker that it will be difficult or impossible for many to go back to the way things were. Indeed, companies opening back up and removing remote work options are already seeing employees quit rather than return to an inconvenient, expensive, and distraction-filled office.

Finding the Next Wave of Administrative Staff

With every significant change in an industry comes turnover. Businesses across the country are losing staff and, as the pandemic settles down and the world opens back up, will need to replace them.

Administrative and clerical staff are no different. Some companies will remove remote work as an option and will lose staff in the transition. Others may retain remote work but will lose staff for other reasons. Some people have quit for health concerns, others simply because another opportunity has presented itself.

As businesses reopen, shuffle, and grow in the wake of the pandemic, they must hire new staff. Does your company have what it takes to attract the best in the next wave of administrative workers?

Now that administrative workers have experienced the many benefits of working from home, it should come as no surprise that “remote work” will be the top among now-expected benefits in such a role. Businesses relying on the traditional model will find it increasingly challenging to locate top talent. Businesses that offer perks like remote work, meanwhile, will be at the front of the line for motivated candidates.

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