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about jobfinders
Our one-of-a-kind partner approach helps employers fill positions & meet hiring objectives with industry-leading speed and efficiency – all while providing meaningful work for job seekers.

A true go-to partner for all your immediate and future hiring needs


Helping you find the right job with the right hours for your family

Staffing Locations
Across Missouri
Our women-owned staffing firm has proudly partnered with local Missouri businesses for over three decades, delivering the highest quality of employment services.
We provide customizable staffing solutions including direct hire, trial-to-hire, contract, and temporary/seasonal across a variety of focus areas. Listed below are seven industries that our top recruiters have the most experience delivering exceptional results.
Premier manufacturing staffing services delivered in a pinch
Reliable distribution and warehouse staffing
Business Operations
Put our business operations headhunters to the test
Leverage Missouri’s best engineering recruiters
Call Center
Friendly call center staffing agency expertise at your disposal
Medical/ Nursing
Custom healthcare employment services for all your hiring needs
Administrative/ Clerical
Affordable office staffing solutions done right
Our 3 Phase Staffing Process
We’re so much more than a staffing firm, we are your employment ally that’s 110 percent invested in your success. Our partnership-based recruiting helps your business put qualified talent to work in three easy steps:

Gathering the right information about your open positions is something JobFinders specializes in. In our initial outreach, we’ll spend time getting to know your business, taking a proactive consultative approach to understanding and identifying your needs and challenges so that we can attract the best candidates while promoting your brand.


We put our decades of experience and expertise to the test by searching through countless channels and referral networks to find the best possible candidates that meet all of your specific criteria. Shortly after, we separate the best from the rest by building a list of well-vetted contenders that are presented to you in an easy-to-understand format.


The job has been identified, resumes were sifted through and the perfect candidate has been located. Now, we place. And if you need help with training, drug screenings, payroll or other HR-related issues, JobFinders will help with those tasks, too. We’ll follow up regularly to make sure your hire was successful.

our testimonials
You've heard enough about us from us; here's what our clients have to say
AAF Flanders
Director of HR Operations for the U.S

If you ae searching for a staffing agency that will partner with you, provide results and work to understand your changing staffing needs, strong consideration should be given to JobFinders Employment Services. AAF Flanders has successfully utilized JobFinders for staffing professional positions since the 1990’s and since 2011 for staffing.

Marketing and Communications President
Marketing and Communications President

Thank you so much for your efforts, again. I appreciate that I can turn to you and your recruiters to find quality, well-screened talent, regardless of which department has the need.

Engineering Staffing Solutions
A. Black
Human Resource Manager

JobFinders Employment Services is the only temp agency we have used. Dura Automotive has partnered with JobFinders since 1995 for direct hire staffing and 2004 for temporary staffing.