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Highly Customizable Staffing Solutions For Your Unique Hiring Needs

At JobFinders, we’re not your ordinary staffing agency. Our entire business is centered around building lasting partnerships with our clients, candidates, and the communities we serve. Whatever your unique hiring needs are, you can confidently count on the JobFinders team to deliver exceptional talent that will surpass the skill set and culture fit you are seeking.

Your hiring efforts are in the best possible hands with JobFinders as your trusted recruiting partner.

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Your company is unlike any other, which is precisely why our employment services are not one-size-fits-all. The staffing and recruiting experts at JobFinders will work with your business to develop a custom hiring solution. Our four core areas of customizable staffing solutions include:
Temporary/Seasonal Staffing

Our temporary staffing solutions work best for organizations that need to meet peak hiring demands while maintaining a smaller core staff. Whether someone quits suddenly and you need help immediately for a few weeks/months, or if you just need some extra help during the holidays/busy periods – our temporary staffing services can fit any hiring situation.


Businesses that want to build a base of trusted contractors often team up with JobFinders to help fill short-term and long-term assignments. From special projects to end-of-year fiscal work, our industry-leading network of contractors offers consistent help for your unique needs.


This partnership approach works with you and your supervising team to help find the best possible fit within your organization for our employees. We believe that a good employee should not be lost during a trial period just because they were placed in the wrong position.

Professional Staffing

Our direct hire staffing services help businesses find the perfect permanent addition to their team by leveraging one of Missouri’s largest professional networks. We help hire in many different positions, from entry-level to management.

Strategic workforce
management options
On-Site Programs

JobFinders On-Site programs help oversee the administration of your entire contingent workforce with a customized staffing program to meet your needs. We provide a manager at your location who assists in:

  • Planning your staffing needs
  • Accurately filling all staffing requests
  • Monitoring worker performance to ensure productivity and continuous improvements

JobFinders provides tailored training programs unique to your organization’s needs. Whether you’re looking for help with legal compliance, need advice on making your workplace more fun, or insights into top recruitment and retention strategies, we offer a wide variety of training options.

In Addition, we also offer:
Skill Testing
Background Checks
Employee Payrolling
Drug Testing
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Our one-of-a-kind partner approach helps employers fill positions & meet hiring objectives with industry-leading speed and efficiency – all while providing meaningful work for job seekers.