4 Tips for Attracting and Hiring Gen Z Employees

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Finding new talent can be a challenge these days, especially with the current shortage of professionals available. The latest wave of professionals comes from Generation Z (Gen Z), the demographic of Americans born between 1997 and 2012. However, most companies have outdated hiring practices for locating Gen Z candidates.


Employees are gaining more of a progressive voice in the competitive hiring market. As a result, antiquated hiring practices and workplace environments need to adapt to the new professionals emerging in the field. Failing to do so means that companies would be alienating the future of the workplace. It also could be preventing companies from accessing hard-working and eager-to-learn workers.


So, the main question is, how can you acclimate to this generation of workers and their expectations?


1 – Build Relationships


Job listings sites can come across as impersonal and is a passive form of hiring. While job listing sites are helpful, building relationships with candidates are essential. One of the best ways to appeal to the Gen Z crowd is to build a rapport with candidates after applying for the position. 


Creating this relationship makes the candidate feel like they are taken seriously and their voices are being heard by who they hope their new boss will be. Gen Z is a demographic that values respect and validation of their concerns, so offer that interpersonal connection instead of making them feel like a name on a list.


2 – Promote a Healthy Work/Life Balance


Perhaps one of the most significant issues employees face today is that the only way to survive in the current economy is to have every member of the household working full-time, sometimes at multiple jobs. As a result, many employees struggle to handle personal matters or take breaks from a stressful day at the office.


The Gen Z demographic is adamantly fighting against this and wants their personal lives to be respected and not treated as though their entire lives revolve around work. Therefore, if you’re going to retain a Gen Z employee, make it clear that your company will not sideline their personal lives. Allow them the same privileges an upper-level manager would enjoy by letting them take time off when they need to.


3 – Provide a Roadmap for Growth


Gen Z employees are not looking to be entry-level forever. They want to know that their work will lead them to bigger and better things. If it is not made clear that the potential for growth in the industry is there, they will seek out employment somewhere that does. If you want to attract and retain these individuals, show them how they can work their way up the ranks and where their continued service and education can get them in the long run. Otherwise, do not be surprised when they jump ship to join another company that will give them a clear roadmap to success.


4 – Use a Recruiter


One of the lesser-known things about recruiters is that they make it a point to establish a relationship with the professionals that use their services. They seek out positions where they feel their candidates will genuinely shine and then place them there. As a result, recruiters can be excellent middlemen for finding emerging Gen Z professionals and successfully hiring them into your workforce. Recruitment firms will:


  • Vet the candidates on your behalf
  • Evaluate their qualifications
  • Place them in your employ if they believe your office culture is conducive to the candidate’s best work. 


Even with a recruiter’s help, you will still need to adapt to ensure that you retain them!


Learn How Gen Z Can Change Your Workplace for the Better


Gen Z is the future wave of candidates petitioning you for employment and are hungry for jobs and change. If you want to keep your company fully staffed, you need to be prepared to accommodate these expectations. 

If finding applicants is a challenge, we at JobFinders locate professionals looking for gainful employment and place them in the service of Missouri-based companies where they will do best. Contact our team at JobFinders today and see how Gen Z can change your workplace for the better.

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