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Many companies experience busy periods throughout the year and often require temporary workers to keep moving their businesses forward. At JobFinders, we understand the importance of having the right workforce in place during your busiest periods. Our dependable temporary staffing service helps supply your business with qualified talent for short and long timeframes. Think of us as an extension of your workforce that you can tap into on-demand for seasonal help.

Our temp/seasonal staffing solution helps you with:

  • Filling in for a maternity leave
  • Supplying extra help during the holidays and other busy periods
  • Temporary filling a position after someone quits
  • Supplementing your existing workforce with gig workers
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Additional Staffing Services
Your business is unique and doesn't deserve a cookie-cutter staff-
ing solution. We offer a wide variety of customizable solutions
to meet your business and staffing demands including:
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Short and long term contract assignments that are ideal for companies who need consistent help over a set time.

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This partnership approach works with you and your supervising team to help find the best possible fit within your organization for our employees. We believe that a good employee should not be lost during a trial period just because they were placed in the wrong position.

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On-site Programs

Our on-site management experts help oversee workforce administration for businesses that need assistance monitoring work performance and staffing needs.

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Professional Staffing

Direct hire staffing services for businesses looking to make a permanent addition to their team.

Staffing Speciality Areas
We provide employment services to a variety of industries. Feel free to browse our selection below.
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