Trial-to-Hire Staffing

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What is Trial-to-Hire Staffing?

Trial-to-Hire is a collaborative new hiring concept that places candidates in a probationary or “trial period” within your company. During the trial period, JobFinders and your supervising team work closely together to ensure the candidate that fits well culturally, is reliable, and wants to be a company employee.  We also want to make sure this candidate is placed in the best role for their skills, passion, and experience. It’s like a working interview before a qualified candidate is hired onto your payroll long-term/full-time.

At a Glance

Since its inception, the Trial-to-Hire program has been appreciated by many employers, especially in the industrial, distribution, IT, call center, and engineering sectors. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Candidate(s) are selected for your company and begin the trial period.

Step 2: JobFinders and your supervising team work together to ensure the candidate has everything they need to feel welcome and can begin training.

Step 3: JobFinders routinely does 30, 60, 90, and up to 120 day checks to ensure candidate and employer alignment.

Step 4: After the trial period is complete, you have the option to hire the candidate full time.

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Additional Staffing Services
Your business is unique and doesn’t deserve a cookie-cutter staffing solution. JobFinders offers a wide variety of customizable solutions to meet your business and staffing demands including:
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Temp/seasonal staffing

Flexible employment that’s best for organizations that need to meet peak hiring demands while maintaining a smaller core staff.

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Short and long term contract assignments that are ideal for companies who need consistent help over a set time.

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On-site Programs

Our on-site management experts help oversee workforce administration for businesses that need assistance monitoring work performance and staffing needs.

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Professional Staffing

Direct hire staffing services for businesses looking to make a permanent addition to their team.

Staffing Speciality Areas
We provide employment services to a variety of industries. Feel free to browse our selection below.
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