Sourcing Process

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At JobFinders, we form strategic partnerships with client companies to manage all or part of their recruitment and staffing processes. Additionally, we’re equipped to supplement your in-house recruitment and staffing functions.
Our core values are based on Family, Career, Integrity, and Doing What You Say You Will Do, and our strategic differentiator is the sheer quality of the candidates we identify through a research-based recruitment methodology.
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The jobfinders’ 6-step process
Define the Position and its Uniqueness

The JobFinder’s team will work with you to learn about your company, your needs, and what is unique to each position you need filled.

Present Recruitment Plan and Timeline to You

JobFinders will quickly develop your plan and work with your team on a timeline to meet your hiring goals.


All job candidates must pass our strict screening and background checks before meeting you; either on-premise or video, it’s up to you.

Review Candidates with You After Live Interview

Your advisor will contact you to review candidates, schedule 2nd meetings, alter search parameters, or prepare job offers.

Offer Temporary/Seasonal, Trial-to-Hire, or Direct Hire Position

You let us know who you want to hire, and we will negotiate relocation, pay, and all. Temporary and Trial-to-Hire staff will be assigned to start as soon as you say go.

Onboard and Train

JobFinders provides a complete onboarding for temporary/trial-to-hire staff that consists of safety training, the whys, wherefores, do’s and don’ts at your company, and much more.
Of course, your JobFinders advisor will stay in touch with the hiring managers. We want to know the successes of the process, document the results, and tweak the formula when necessary.