Why Choosing to Work with a Woman-Owned Staffing Agency Could Give Your Business the Advantage

Many years ago, businesses came around to the fact that diverse workplaces are better in almost every way. Diverse workplaces have better work environments, are more profitable, more innovative. The list goes on. 

In the same way that diverse workplaces are great for their employees, choosing to work with a woman-owned/operated staffing agency is better for employers. Read on to learn more about women-owned businesses and how partnering with JobFinders could give your business the advantage in finding the best talent.

Unfamiliarity Is Still An Obstacle

Considering women only started running businesses in 1972. Even though that is almost 50 years of progress, a woman-owned business can still seem new in the grand scheme of history. And unfamiliarity, in this case, can seem like an obstacle.

But the evidence for the advantage of working with a diverse staffing agency is overwhelming. Partnering with a women-owned staffing agency is one of the most effective steps to help your business grow.

Here are a few reasons why you should partner with a woman-owned staffing agency:

Diversity Drives Innovation

Staffing your agency with outstanding talent requires an innovative approach, especially in competitive job markets where job openings outnumber viable candidates

In any environment, you must stand out against the competition. This competitive edge requires creativity and innovation to ensure you’re heard, seen, and respected as an employer brand.

According to studies from Harvard Business Review, diversity drives innovation. Where there is innovation and creativity, you’ll be sure to find top performers who can bring a more effective, long-term advantage and growth opportunities for your organization. 

Streamlining and Saving Money on Recruitment

When partnering with a staffing agency, you’re not looking for someone to spam you with candidates then hope for the best. Instead, you want a recruiting partner that aligns their services to your business’s specific needs and culture. 

More specifically, a staffing agency should be precise. Our aim is specific in providing a perfect match both culturally and professionally. The longer you spend on the candidate hunt, the more money, time, and attention it costs.

Partnering with women-owned businesses, on average, can save 20% in operating costs.

For a woman-owned staffing agency, that means aligning with a more effective recruiting partner who can reduce the time and money spent looking for a top candidate to fill a vacancy. 

What will you do with your savings? Imagine relocating the resources you save on recruiting and putting those into in-house workplace initiatives that benefit you and your employees. 

Tapping into Different Candidate Markets

Because women network differently than men, women will have access to different networks of qualified talent. A women-owned staffing agency can tap into different markets than a male-owned firm. That’s the beauty of diversity. 

By partnering with a woman-owned staffing agency, you’ll have access to more options for hiring talented, desirable candidates. You won’t be limited by a singular approach. Instead, you’ll have a better chance of expanding your reach as an employer brand in the market. 

JobFinders is proud to be a woman-owned business. It is our mission to provide the best industry talent not just because of our advantage in the marketplace but because of our commitment to our partners and for delivering the very best service available.

Do you want to partner with a staffing agency that’s innovative, dedicated to improving your ROI, and committed to expanding your network of candidates? Then contact us today.



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