Missouri Engineering on the Rise to Meet Demand for New/Expanded Technologies

Missouri Engineering on the Rise to Meet Demand for NewExpanded Technologies

Right now, the most commonly held jobs in Missouri are Registered Nurses, Sales Workers, and Truck Drivers. 

However, if there’s one thing 2021 has taught the world, it’s that nothing is permanent. The current employment landscape in Missouri is growing and evolving, meaning there are increasing opportunities popping up in a variety of rapidly growing fields. 

No more is this shift in the Missouri workforce evident than in the evolution of tech in engineering across the state. 

For instance, Clinton County is the foremost of 7 national communities testing experimental technology that could expand high-speed internet access in rural areas.

These new and expanded technologies are spearheading a fierce demand for talent for Missourian Engineers.

The Future is Bright in Missouri for Tech/Engineering Talent

Projections from the Technology 2030 report show Missouri ranking in the top 10 states predicted to experience the most technological growth in the next few years. 

What’s driving this change?

According to the report, there is a tech revolution going on in Missouri. This, combined with a low cost of living, is a potent combination. Some of the best talent in the country is flocking to Missouri. 

It’s also worth noting how Missouri is a leading state for women in tech. The Tech 2030 report cited that the state ranks 6th in the nation for females in these roles, who account for 33.7% of Missouri’s technology workforce.

Employment Supply: It Starts with Education

During this industry-wide boom in technological and engineering-focused employment, the Missouri University of Science & Technology (S&T) finds itself at the center of the state’s engineering explosion.

According to recent reports, the university continues to climb in natural graduate rankings in the following types of engineering:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering

Beyond these promising statistics, Missouri S&T is leading a team to deploy the wireless network in Clinton County after receiving a $300,000 grant. According to Project OVERCOME, this initiative will connect residents of the community via the following tech:

  • RF Over Fiber
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Last-Mile Wireless Technologies

While these developments prove promising for the supply-end of the industry, problems still exist for employers within these spaces who wish to fill talent gaps.

Can Employers Meet the Tech/Engineering Demand in Missouri?

An NPR article cited a survey done by the St. Louis Regional Chamber conveyed a concerning trend: while 94% of the almost 300 respondents said they were hiring for full-time work, 81% of the survey respondents were facing difficulties filling scientist and engineering roles.

When examining these numbers and looking at the promising results generated by Missouri S&T, there’s a disconnect. The talent is out there, so why aren’t they able to fill the available roles?

Per NPR, St. Louis Regional Chamber CEO and President Tom Chulick speaks to a lack of “in-depth and meaningful collaboration between higher education institutions and businesses.”

Whatever the case, many talented engineers and highly qualified candidates graduating with engineering degrees aren’t being connected with Missouri’s high-wage jobs in their industry.

Meeting Growing Tech Demands with Top-Performing Engineering Talent

As proven by the continual progress at Missouri S&T, Missouri engineering firms are still receiving a slow but steady stream of talented engineers. But is it enough?

Missouri businesses are having to act quickly to recruit new talent before they’re hired by other tech firms. And bridging the gap between job seekers and workforce shortages means digging deeper to find and hire great engineering talent and highly qualified engineering graduates.

At JobFinders, we specialize in connecting top-performing engineering talent with employers throughout the industry. We know where to find exceptional candidates in the field so that your business has the talent it needs to flourish during Missouri’s upcoming tech boom. 

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