How Telecom Became One of the Fastest Growing Industries in Missouri

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The telecommunication industry has grown in the 21st Century as our society becomes more and more reliant on the ability to communicate from across vast distances. This growth has not been stunted even in states like Missouri, which are not typically known as tech hubs. Several telecommunication agencies in the country have expanded within the borders of Missouri and seen significant growth.

With the growth of this industry, it has never been easier to communicate with one another despite the distance between two individuals, but what does this growth really mean?

Successful Companies

The companies that offer telecommunication services are the backbone of how service has expanded across the world. Their growth directly correlates to the expansion of telecommunication services. To that end, many companies have shown remarkable growth within Missouri, showing just how viable they have become.

For example, the service provider Telesis7 recently made the Inc 5000 list. The posting showed that the company had seen a growth of 261% in the last year. Another service provider, Socket Internet, was founded in Missouri and has recently been named one of the top 500 fastest-growing private companies in the last three years.

This shows how easy it is for telecommunication service providers to expand and grow in the modern era. However, this expansion is still minimal compared to larger-scale projects that allow telecommunication agencies to provide service across the country with ease. Currently, Governor Mike Parson of Missouri announced a plan that would vastly enhance the infrastructure of broadband internet service in the state.

This initiative created by Governor Parson is a $400,000,000 investment that would make telecommunication simpler and more reliable than it might otherwise be.

Telecom Benefits

A $400,000,000 investment in improving telecommunication services might seem excessive, but the beauty of such expansion is that it benefits the entire population versus the individual. Access to broadband internet services allows immediate access to information and public resources at the tap of a keyboard. This allows our society to flourish economically.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, nearly 400,000 citizens in Missouri lack access to the internet. By expanding the service providers and the services rendered, these citizens can enjoy the same information access that the rest of the community enjoys. Additionally, expanding the services and providers helps to produce additional jobs that will stimulate the economy.

This very logic motivates the expansion of the broadband expansion program, as producing jobs improves the number of people who can afford the services. The more people can afford internet services, the more funds are available to expand the industry further and continue the cycle of growth.

Wrapping Up

Telecommunications has become one of the fastest expanding industries in the world due to the continuous need for such services our society demands. In Missouri, such expansion allows even rural careers such as farming to come into the modern world by allowing access to the internet to ease some of the clerical responsibilities expected of the profession. This is also vital due to most resources needed for virtually any career path being primarily available through online discourse.

Finally, the reliance on the internet and telecommunications allows the expansion of available jobs to stimulate the economy and end the drought for employment that many Americans face. This swell in job opportunities does bring with it a spike in open positions and difficulty finding the talent needed to fill the voids. If you are looking for telecommunications professionals, we at Job Finders excel at finding the talent you need. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your talent needs or if you have any additional questions or concerns.