Eight Essential Components of an Effective Job

Sourcing Process

A job description provides a clear and consistent understanding of a job position and communicates the benefit and/or purpose of that position to the company or organization. Having a written and detailed job description can make the process of filling a position easier. It is key to attracting the employees you are looking for. Job candidates should be able to read the job description and know if they have the required qualifications and skills necessary to complete what will be asked of them. This way there is no confusion and no wasted time. Job descriptions also allow hiring managers to better evaluate a candidate’s attributes versus the position.

JobFinders can help you write job descriptions for your company. Here are some key components we recommend including on every job description:

– Job Title
– Company Description
– Location
– Role Objective & Responsibilities
– Required Qualifications vs. Preferred Qualifications
– Work hours, travel requirements
– Salary Range
– Special Demands

Including these components in your job descriptions and keeping them updated regularly will help your company or organization attract the talent you require.