Innovating the office:Technology and the work


Creating a welcoming and progressive company culture is of growing importance in recent years as younger generations take over the workforce. One thing you can do to improve employee acquisition and retention is to have updated technology in the workplace.

Many millennials and generation z workers have grown up with the constant presence of technology in their lives. Some may even say they have become addicted to technology. Because of this, updated computers and computer systems that operate at high speed have become a norm for many younger employees. Without these things, you may deter great employees from selecting or staying with your organization.

Keeping in mind not only what employees need to get the job done but what they want, as well, can transform the employee experience. Employees will be more satisfied with their workplace when they feel they are being treated well and taken into consideration when decisions are being made.

In addition to employee morale, having updated technology can improve many aspects of your workplace. For example, communication software allows teammates from near and far to come together and collaborate on projects. Video and audio conferencing, AI that identifies key takeaways from chats and robust file-sharing are some features that come with these communication softwares. They can allow employees that work in different departments or employees working remotely to easily bounce ideas off each other, rather than working in silos to solve problems.

Time tracking and task management softwares can also greatly improve employee productivity. These softwares make every second count and help to keep workers on task. Some features these softwares provide are time tracking built into web browsers, workflow management of the entire team, budget spending reports, and a complete overview of overall team performance. Progressive technology breeds innovation and is paving the way for the future of the workplace. Investing in updated technology and software will allow your organization to get the most out of each and every work day, and allow your employees to work as efficiently as possible.