How to Spot (And Work With) The Best Staffing Agency

Finding and working with the right staffing agency

With the economy on the road to recovery, many tenured professionals are resuming their search for work.   

Even though the job market is opening up, the professional space is competitive. And there are no guarantees about standing out in a packed candidate pool. It’s only natural today’s candidates would use all available resources that give them a leg up. 

For instance, reaching out to a recruiter should land a candidate interviews for roles that fit their experience, skills, and preferences. 

Unfortunately, it’s not so cut and dry. Many staffing agencies don’t see highly qualified job seekers as a person but as a number, dollar sign, or commodity for an employer.

If this describes your experience working with staffing agencies, you’ve landed on the right blog – you no longer need to waste your time sifting through employer-focused staffers. Below, you’ll learn how to recognize a staffing agency that can deliver what tenured job seekers are looking for. 


Because staffing agencies benefit from landing a particular type of candidate in a role, their loyalties often only lie with the employer to help fill an organizational goal. 

We’ve heard unfortunate stories from many job seekers that were simply ghosted by a staffing agency just because they weren’t a good fit for one specific role. The right recruiter won’t give up on you so easily. If you aren’t a good fit for one role, a good recruiter will always work with a candidate to find them the right job at the right company.

But many recruiters are more business builders than they are career builders. Most likely, the best a job seeker can expect from their recruiter is lateral movement. And only that which serves the purpose of their clients. 

This isn’t to say that people with top-notch experience and skills can’t benefit from these recruiters. But the whole process is often cut and dry and lacking the personal touch. 

Even for those candidates who do get interviews – or even land a job – chances are, it’s only because they can be the right cog for a corporate machine. Things like culture and benefits – the things a job seeker is looking for – become secondary and less important than filling the role. 


The key is to find a staffing agency that is not only client-focused, but are advocates for job seekers. There are many characteristics of a true advocate – anything from promptly returning phone calls or providing specific tips on how to interview with a certain employer. The most sure-fire way to spot a good recruiter is how focused they are on finding a great fit in a role where the candidate can thrive for the long term.

Job seekers: find yourself a recruiter who is as invested in your career development and your fit with an employer as you are. And when you do, help them to personalize your approach to the job market to meet your needs. 


At JobFinders, when a job-seeker partners with us, we become their advocate in seeking and finding lucrative opportunities. Working with us means you’ll be treated with humanity and respect, as we strive to find you success in both the short and long term.

With JobFinders, you’re much more than the words on your resume. You’re someone who deserves a chance to reach new heights in their career and not be limited by quotas or employer biases and demands. 

2020 was a tough year for the job market. But the economy is on the rebound, opening an abundance of new opportunities – so much that 2021 will be known as the year of the candidate. Talent is in high demand and short supply. As a job seeker, you should feel more empowered than ever to ask for more attention and care from a staffing agency. 

Working with JobFinder ensures you’ll have an advocate during your job hunt, and you’ll be treated with respect and humanity while finding the role you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to find out more.